Adopt a horse, It's therapy for the soul!

Please remember that our horses are rescues. This means that they were either rescued from abuse or neglect, from kill pen sales or they were surrendered by someone who could no longer care for them.

Sometimes we will have very little history on our horses. Although we don’t know where they have come from or what has happened in their past, we spend time with each horse and allow them to speak to us.  We will only put a horse up for adoption when that horse has completed our rehabilitation program.  Some horses may not be suitable for riding due to age, injury or other conditions. However, they may be completely paddock sound and appropriate as perfect companion horses.

We will always provide full information regarding what we know about the horse’s history, its health and everything we’ve learned about the horse since it has been in our care. We will endeavor to find an owner with the experience required for each individual horse. The perfect match is our goal.

Please Read:  All of our horses are adopted subject to an Adoption Contract and to approved homes ONLY.  Adopters must have shelter and hay in place upon the arrival day of the adopted horse(s).  *If for some reason a home is rejected do to conditions, SRER reserves the right to either refuse the adoption or allow time to rectify any issues.  (If allowed to rectify the horses will be returned to SRER until this has been completed to the satisfaction of SRER, at a charge of $75.00 per horse per week for care).* A placement agreement is required, this means that if for any reason the new owner cannot care for the horse, it must be returned to SRER. It also means that SRER can keep track of their horses so that they do not return to the cycle of abuse, neglect or the slaughter pipeline.