Chyann Before and after!

Chyann Before and after!

ChyAnn Our throw away filly!

On Monday, August 3, 2015, I got a phone call from a friend that was picking up a horse for us in a Louisiana kill pen.  She sounded disgusted as she explained that she was looking at an injured yearling that had been rejected by the purchaser.  My response was obvious, “bring her here.”  She had a severely injured eye and she was very thin and sick.  According to the lot owner, the filly could not be released until the right of ownership was established (refunds were made).  The lady that refused her took our information and promised to call us with an update that evening…nothing.  Tuesday came and I couldn’t stand it, another trip was made to find her in Louisiana, no sign of her.  On Wednesday a trip was made to a location in Texas, guess who we found in the very back tucked away, yep, the throw away filly. 

ChyAnn arrived here at Spirit Run on Wednesday night and we brought her to the vet Thursday morning.  She had a very enlarged eye, it appeared to have been punctured and the pressure of the swelling was painful for her.  She was sick, scrapes and cuts all over her and she was very thin.  ChyAnn’s hips were covered in rub marks, no hair.  She was so tired, but her heart was HUGE!  Her life had never been easy, according to the story that her old wounds told.  ChyAnn’s left ear tip was split, by frost bite or injury, along with rolled up hide from old wounds.  ChyAnn was immediately started on antibiotics for a respiratory infection, then there was the eye.  It was almost guaranteed that she would lose it but we had to battle the infection before anything could be decided.  Her eye was treated 6 times a day for 4 weeks.  She was such a good patient, putting up with all of it. 

ChyAnn was getting better and day by day, her frail bones were disappearing, and the wounds were healing.  The day came that she needed to return to the vet to remove her eye.  I was unsettled about it and had great doubt that it was necessary.  When I arrived with ChyAnn I approached our vet and expressed that I didn’t think that removing the eye was necessary and well, my gut said no.  He said, “let’s go look.” YES! He agreed and although we treated her eye for another few weeks with antibiotics, she still has her eye!

ChyAnn is a beauty and truly the most amazing transformation!  She has adjusted well to her eyesight impairment and is currently under saddle.

Currently available for adoption:

Coming 4 year old, grey and white paint standing 15hh, ChyAnn's adoption fee is $800