Lady Blue ~Currently in Foster~

I had received a phone call asking me to quarantine a pony from the Bowie, TX horse auction, little did I know that this tired soul would be there needing us so badly.

By happen stance, I saw her!  She was listed as a 20 year old riding mare that just need some groceries, WRONG!  Once I looked into her eyes I could see that she was tired, lost, confused and sick.  I will admit, here and now, that I was so nervous about her making the trip home.  Her eyes pleaded for help, she was so damn tired!  Her steps were not solid and she was so thin, but we got her home safe and standing.

2016-07-01 20.10.01.jpg

When we opened the door to unload Lady Blue there was a hesitation, she took a deep breath and looked around then slowly stepped off of the trailer.  There was such a peace about her, something that I had never felt until her.  It was too late to have her examined by the vet so now we need to get her settled in for the night and get her to the vet first thing in the morning.  Since she has been on a long trailer ride I put her in the round pen to stretch her legs a bit before going into her stall for the night.  She took a long drink of fresh water, then began to look around and take in the sights, so I went inside to prep her stall. 

About thirty minutes had passed and I walked out to check on her and she was lying on the ground, my heart fell! I ran over to her and knelt over her, touching her head and body to look for life.  She didn't move! I felt a horrible pain in my chest and I screamed for my husband.  Lady Blue lifted her head up and looked at me and just exhaled, as if, "Can't I at least get some sleep?" and put her head back down!  I had to laugh through the tears!  I had just met her and I felt so strongly about her, she was a magnet!  Love at first sight!

We made our way to the vet the next morning and that is when we learned that Lady Blue was 35 (at least), she was sick, had many scrapes and cuts, her hair was very dull from malnutrition, her teeth were badly neglected along with her feet, she was missing hair in patches and she was a hosting quite a few parasites.  It felt like she had fought so hard to stay alive, so we began to give her everything that she needed to recover.

For weeks Lady Blue would take naps quite often.  As she got stronger, her naps seemed to have longer spans of time in between and she became more active and began to build muscle that she had lost.  Recovery brought with it her wonderful personality and the prettiest blue roan that my eyes have ever seen.

Lady Blue fought hard to recover and is still one of the most asked about horses here at Spirit Run.  She is rather spoiled and likes to do as she pleases, which is perfectly fine by me, she is my elder!  

Update November 21, 2018:

We are happy to announce that Lady Blue has been chosen by a SRER Foster. She will be well pampered and have her very own little princess to take care of.

April 28, 2019

On this day Heaven received a new Angel! Our sweet, beautiful Lady Blue has left us, but not without so many wonderful memories. The only thing that I would like to forget is the state in which we brought her home in July of 2016. Lady Blue knew love, pampering and respect. This was our goal.

Miss you always my friend!