Grace's Story

I do not know Grace's past, but this is what we do know.
Location: Elkhart horse auction
-A Kill buyer won her for $100, but the auction owners no sale’d her...they could not allow it. (Thank you Donna)
-A few days later Grace was offered at no charge to rescues…
-Two weeks later she was still at the auction house...
-We weren’t set up for her, nor could we leave her waiting.

So begins our story!
Grace is so amazing! When I arrived to the auction house to pick her up she was disoriented. When I touched her for the first time there was so much overwhelming fear. Imagine standing trapped in the dark in broad daylight with nothing familiar to attach yourself to. The auction owners said they’d never seen her become so calm as when she followed the sound of my voice and touch to the trailer.

Now she seems to find comfort in her space - simple consistency and affection seems to have done wonders. And we adore this brave beautiful girl. We approach her from the same side, we talk to her and we try to make up for the fact that someone chose to dump their 15-year-old pony at auction rather than treat her glaucoma early enough to correct. Our immense thanks goes to the Elkhart Auction owners for standing by Grace and entrusting her to Spirit Run.

Grace saw the vet asap who then sent us to an ophthalmologist in the hopes of saving her one remaining eye. It was not to be, but her intense pain will soon be gone. She has suffered from glaucoma that has stolen her eyesight and now what is left to do is to make her comfortable.

On July 7 Grace was scheduled for a double eye removal procedure! This sounds so harsh, but her left eye, the recessed eye, will most likely create cancer and her right eye is causing great pain, soon to recess after the eye dies.  We had to make a choice, one that would change Grace's life forever.

2016-06-23 15.07.49.jpg

Once the procedure was completed Grace came home and healed.  It was obvious that the pain was gone.  It took a few months of graduating to larger spaces as she could maneuver them, but she is now in a large safe paddock with a buddy.  Grace is amazing, kind, loving and most of all, a happy pony!   Some might say that a blind pony has no use, we disagree! I feel that Grace can teach the message that you don't have to be perfect to be valuable. 

Grace has finally met her soul mate! Griffin and Grace were once seperated by a fence during which time they each were healing from situations that neither could control. As time passed the two began to bond in a very obvious way. Grace would find her way to the fence and Griffin would come stand with her. They are now together in the same paddock and Griffin gives Grace the comfort and confidence that she needs to have a happy life. Griffin is Grace’s protector.

Griffin and Grace

Griffin and Grace

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