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Brave, our Broken Warrior!

I want to tell you a story about the most broken animal that I have ever met.  Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending!

On June 16, 2018 I went to Kaufman Kill pen to pick up a group of ponies for a friend to hold until they could catch a ride home.  Thanks to a rogue stud pony that I was chasing, I happened across a very long legged, emaciated gelding that needed attention immediately for his wounds.  I made a call to a friend and with her help we got him out of there!  This is how I met Brave!

Brave’s eyes were matted and weepy, he had rub marks on his hips from being so thin and lying down and bite marks all over him as well, but those wounds were the least of my concern.  There were two major wounds that had to be treated immediately: what appeared to be a very bad puncture wound, right below his rectum and a swollen and infected hock.  Brave was so kind, so easy to handle, yet he was so lost.  All I could think was, what in the world has happened to you!

After arriving at the vet, we soon found out that this puncture wound was a result of a PU surgery (Perineal Urethrostomy) that had not been cared for correctly, post-surgery.  Not only had this big guy had a PU surgery, he had also had his penis removed.  Medical staff would need to run a drain tube in order to clear a path for the infection to drain.  Also, while he was sedated for that procedure, they would clean up his leg wound. 

When he came home, Brave was exhausted! The state in which Brave’s body was in was very graphic!  It was hard to look at him without feeling pain and anger.  Although I could heal these physical wounds with time and attention, the real challenge was healing his heart.  I could feel his sadness! He was lost! No reason to fight!  The first thing he did when he arrived home to SRER was to lie down in his stall and rest.  He was peaceful for the first time since we had met.  But still so removed.  His drain tube had to be flushed at least once a day, along with hydro therapy for his wounded hock.  This guaranteed us to have time together, to get to know each other and hopefully become trusted friends. 

Brave had his own paddock, with room to move but he stood in the tree line for weeks, as if he was hiding.  As if he was hiding, just blending in with the background!  He was so depressed.  He would only come out to eat and he didn’t even do that with any pride.  Everyday I would tell him that he was handsome and strong and a magnificent warrior!  Finally, on August 1st he freely walked up to me and placed his head in my chest.  This was the day that I saw a small flicker of light return to his deep soled eyes. 

Each day he came more and more to the forefront!  In a matter of weeks, he began to come running to the gate as I would approach!  Then a simple whistle and he would come running! He was full of life and happy to be here with something to prove!

Today Brave is still gaining weight, and he does require some maintenance for his PU surgery, but he runs and plays with the other horses! He loves treats and getting any attention possible!  I would be telling an untruth if I said that I hold no anger towards the human decisions that put Brave through hell, but he is living proof that there is nothing like the heart of a horse.





Brave’s Timeline

The following time line has been put together by information collected about Brave through his Jockey registry and people in his past that have given us information.  By chance if you have more information that we could use to complete his journey to Spirit Run, please contact us and we will add it. Also, if you find any information listed that you feel is inacorrate please contact us.

 Name: Dream Seeker

Foaled: 2009

Tattoo: M16030


2010: Sold for $475,000.00 at Keeneland

Consigned by Bluewater Sales to Ben Glass, agent


2014: Sold to Karl Broberg

Sept 2016: “Loose horse injures 3 men”, this was Dream Seeker


    *He had a major stifle injury that took 200 stitches and raced afterwards*


December 7th 2017: Given to Misty Nalley along with another gelding.  Brave was picked up in Louisiana

and brought to Alvarado, Texas to Alisha Todd for training.   (still a stud)

-1 week later he was sent to Josh Still for training because studs were not allowed at Alisha Todd’s place.

-Developed a penis infection.  PU surgery

- Castrated (Crypt surgery)

-Went to a barn in Southern Sun Farm, in Cleburne, Texas, for recover from surgery

-Went home to owner’s barn


March 2018: Given to (Eusebio Deira) trainer’s ranch hand for damages owed to trailer that was used.

May 30, 2018:   Sold at Cleburne Horse sale

 (Purchased by kill buyer)

June 16, 2018:  Purchase by SRER at Kaufman Kill pen