Who is Spirit Run?

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We are a non-profit equine rescue that specializes in neglected, abused and unwanted horses.  Our goal is to rescue, rehab and re-home the members of our rescue family.  Although our goal is to rehabilitate and rehome our SRER members, we also offer sanctuary to horses that may require special care. Our sanctuary was created to insure that horses with special needs would be guaranteed a quality of life.

We create a tailored training program to help each horse realize their full potential and to address scars that cruelty or neglect has left on their lives. The ultimate goal is to find a lifelong home that is a perfect fit for each horse and their adoptive family.

Our focus is to ‘hear’ each horse and to heal them fully.  We specialize and devote a portion of our rescue efforts on fragile souls, including emaciated or emotionally traumatized equines, pregnant mares, senior horses, mare foal pairs and orphaned foals.

Our community outreach, known as the "Rusty Halo Society", includes education of inhumane treatment of horses, the empowerment of youth and abuse victims through equine therapy and horsemanship.

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Through community outreach we strive to prevent future cruelty toward horses through education on responsible equine stewardship. We believe no horse deserves to be deemed as ‘throw away” and should be repurposed to live out their life humanely and with dignity. To build a stronger next generation of horse lovers, we offer youth mentorship and confidence-building opportunities via horse therapy in small group or one-on-one settings.

Every member of our rescue is a member of our family.  We invite visitors to come experience the love of a horse and share what brings us so much joy.


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